CT CribTM Retaining Wall System

CT CribTM Retaining Wall System is designed as a gravity wall system. It has been used in many areas of application including slope protection, retaining structure for housing and road projects, bridge abutment, embankment stabilization, and many other applications. The system is constructed by using interlocking concrete block in which inner space is filled with free draining materials to prevent the buildup of hydrostatic pressure - the most common cause of failure in retaining wall. The completed CTCribTM Retaining Wall will normally have a minimum batter of 1:4 or 14o from the vertical.

The CT CribTM Retaining Wall System is suitable for use as a permanent and temporary structure in a wide range of application. Due to high quality of its precast components, the system is highly durable and requires practically no maintainence at all. CT CribTM components come in different heights and nature of slope. They are easily transported from one place to another and the system can be dismantled easily to recover its components for future use when situation required. CT CribTM design can accomodate concave and/or convex walls structure to suite all types of slope contours and profiles.