Anchor-Reinforced EarthTM Retaining Wall System

Anchor-Reinforced EarthTM Retaining Wall System, or more commonly called ARE Wall, is a very popular product in land reclamation and bridge abutment projects. Due to its high tolerance in terms of settlement (both differential and total settlement), ARE Wall can be used in areas where the foundation soils are not promising. The system comprises of discrete concrete panels, reinforcing bars & anchor blocks, and granular backfill. Upon installed, the gap between individual panels serve as a continuous weep holes for water draining function, which subsequently prevent the build up of hydrostatic pressure on the wall. The reinforcing bar consists of hot-dipped galvanized high-yield tensile steel bars and is being pulled back by an anchor block, or so called dead-man anchor. The bars come in different length and size to suit the site conditions.

ARE Wall is well known for its high durability and it is maintenance free. With the design lifespan of 120 years, many government and private sectors like to use the system either for bridge abutment and land reclamation applications. ARE Wall uses a variety of granular materials as the backfilling materials e.g. crusher run, quarry dust, quarry waste, river or mining sand etc. All materials used for manufacturing the system are sourced locally. ARE Wall has two types of panel design, namely “embossed” and “plain” surface finish. Each individual panel is represented by a 1.5m height by 1.5m width capita “T” shape G30 precast concrete panel. Since its introduction in the market in 2001, ARE Wall has stepped its foot throughout Malaysia and it can be easily seen among many government and private projects.