Precast Segmental Wall

Precast Segmental Wall (PSW) has been used from soil retention and erosion control to landscape systems in over 35 countries. PSW created the mortar-less segmental retaining wall market with its distinctive outer beauty and inner strength. PSW consists of high-strength concrete units and interlocking pin system ensuring a conveniently easy positive connection between PSW units, as well as between the PSW units and soil reinforcement elements. In addition, PSW pins aid in horizontal alignment, while also providing the ability to vary the wall set-back.

PSW modular units are dry-cast from high strength low absorption concrete for durable long-lasting structures. All structural units are interconnected using high-strength fibreglass pins for strong shear connection. The connecting pins allow for ease of unit alignment and a secure positive mechanical connection with soil reinforcement. The two most common retaining wall structures built today by using PSW are simple gravity walls and larger reinforced soil wall structures. Either one, PSW offers product and specific design methodology for both structure types.